20 Hidden Comedy Gems To Watch On Netflix

Comedy gems on Netflix guaranteed to have you in stitches.

Neflix binges are becoming increasingly popular as the on-demand entertainment provider continues to increase its selection of movies and TV series. Fans of great comedies are spoilt for choice, making filtering through the countless films for something new to watch a bit of a minefield. There are plenty of mainstream comedies to choose from, but if you're after something a little more different to yet another Adam Sandler movie or recent releases such as 22 Jump Street, digging a little deeper into Netflix's content can bring up some wonderful hidden gems that are guaranteed to have you grinning from ear to ear - or rolling around on the floor in stitches. Whether you're looking for classic spoofs which make fun of your favourite science fiction movies, offbeat independent comedies which are smart as well as funny, or a screwball farce with rapid-fire dialogue guaranteed to make your head reel as you try to keep up with the pace, Netflix has got it all. Here are twenty essential hidden comedy gems on Netflix you need to add to your watch list. A quick note before getting stuck in: these are based on movies available on Netflix in the UK and some may not be available in the US.

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