20 Hilarious Amazon Reviews Of 2015’s Biggest Movies

Tough crowd.

Let's all be honest here: aside from a solid top 20 of films and some record-breakers, 2015 wasn't exactly a watershed year for film fans. Yes we got a return to form for Ridley Scott, possibly Pixar's best movie and lashings of nostalgia, but it came at a terrible cost for everyone's sanity. Movies that would usually struggle to make budget pulled in billions because of an established audience, and everything seems to be headed to the point where Hollywood's waistline explodes from over-stuffing. At least there was Mad Max and Ant-Man and Brooklyn and The Revenant to remind everyone that good film-making can still be diverse and varied. But who wants a sensible evaluation of the year? That's for stiffs and squares, man. As ever, you can always rely on the colourful personalities in the Amazon Reviews section to tell it like it really is. Or at least how the outraged/unstable/dangerously confused element of society see it, anyway.

20. Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Things that you should apparently never mix together: sentient, super-intelligent robo-killing machines and Jesus. Not to be THAT guy, but isn't getting outraged about one work of fiction using a quote from another work of fiction a little silly? Come at me, God bros.

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