20 Idiotic Decisions Made By Star Wars Characters

An epic saga. Not quite so epic decisions.

Without a doubt, one of the most beloved and excellent franchises in the history of cinema, the Star Wars series is not only the driving force behind the highly popular sci-fi/fantasy genre, but it also remains one of the most relevant pop cultural artefacts in the world today - despite originally gracing our screens for the first time all the way back in 1977. Fast forward over 30 years and we're on the precipice of a brand new Star Wars trilogy, scheduled for launch on December 2015 with the yet to be titled Episode VII. We now know that several original cast members will return for the picture, alongside a hearty selection of new faces - but what we're really hoping is that most of the characters will avoid making the sorts of idiotic decisions that they managed to make in such high abundance throughout both the original and prequel trilogies. Yes, unfortunate as it is, not all of the Star Wars saga is well thought through. Aside from having the odd plot hole here and there, the main problem stems from the characters totally going against logic and deciding to do things that ultimately create bad situations for everyone involved. Join us, then, as we look back to a galaxy, far, far away, where logic is thrown out of the window and everyone has gone totally mad...

20. Amidala And Co. Elect Palpatine During The Vote Of No Confidence - The Phantom Menace

The prequel trilogy is all about setting up Palpatine as the Emperor and the first step on this path is instigated by none other than Queen Amidala, who votes for the removal of the old chancellor after a few gentle nudges from Sidious himself. This decision is particularly idiotic because Palpatine is secretly pulling all of the strings behind everything that is happening. It's in his ten-year plan! Sure, Amidala didn't actually know that he wasn't who he was saying he was, but there's no doubt that this decision remains one of the daftest that any character took. Those who also decided to elect Palpatine would no doubt be regretting their actions in later years when the Senator revealed his true colours, embrace his inner wrinkles and went full Sith Lord on them.

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