20 Insanely Awesome 2016 Movie 1 Liners

"Do you bleed? You will."


A movie can be bolstered by a fantastic performance, some thrilling action and, of course, a cracking one-liner among other things. Snappy dialogue can bolster even an otherwise bad film and make you appreciate it more (as evidenced by a couple of the clunkers in this list).

A funny, witty or simply bada** line can stick in the brain like a worm, lingering for years after as you endlessly quote it among friends and, in some cases, it even becomes an Internet meme the world over.

These 20 lines represent the cleverest, most hilarious and straight-up coolest one-liners from the last twelve months of film, expertly delivered for maximum effectiveness and quotability. If you haven't annoyed your pals with them yet, you probably will soon enough.

Here are 20 insanely awesome 2016 movie one-liners...


20. "Edward Norton?" - Sausage Party

Columbia Pictures

At the end of Seth Rogen's outrageous animated comedy, the groceries find out that they're in fact cartoons created by animators and voiced by celebrity actors, much to their dismay. Sammy Bagel Jr. (Edward Norton) then asks who provides his own voice, and Gum replies, "You are the toy of a more talented and celebrated actor named Edward Norton."

Sammy's hilarious reply? "Ed-ward Nor-ton? What kinda parent gives their kid a stupid c*** name like that?" It's the perfect meta-response, all the more so considering a lot of viewers probably didn't realise Norton was playing the neurotic, Woody Allen-esque bagel until Sammy himself found out.


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