20 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden In Your Favorite Horror Films

Even if you weren't cowering in fear, you probably missed these awesome secrets.

Insidious Saw Jigsaw Puppet
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Putting a bunch of Easter eggs in a movie really shows an appreciation for the fans, as well as an overt acknowledgement of their passion.

They say that fundamentally, the director gets that there are people who will watch the film closely and obsessively, and so they pack it with hidden clues and gags that reward repeat viewings. This requires an audience that truly cares, and that is especially true with the horror community.

In addition to hidden bits of foreshadowing, these films will often throw in at least one moment that's a love letter to the horror community and proof that the filmmaker is as big of a nerd as you are, perhaps naming a character after a classic horror director or paying homage to an obscure slasher flick.

After all, this genre's fan base is a tight-knit group all speaking the same language, and so the director likes to prove that they're speaking that language, too.

The hidden references usually aren't shoved in your face, but the more concealed they are, the most satisfying it is when you finally notice...

20. Billy The Puppet Shows Up In Insidious And Dead Silence

Insidious Saw Jigsaw Puppet
IM Global/Twisted Pictures

James Wan owes his entire career to the first Saw film, and so he has naturally paid tribute to it several times in his later work. The first instance was during Dead Silence, another Wan movie that makes puppets super creepy.

There's a sequence where the main characters discover a puppet collection, and low and behold one of them just happens to be Billy from the Saw franchise.

And towards the beginning of Insidious, when Josh is in his classroom taking a phone call, you can briefly see Billy drawn on the chalkboard behind him.

Notice that for some reason there's an eight written under Billy's head. Could this have been James Wan hinting that Saw VII wasn't really the final chapter and there would be an eighth movie coming soon?

Or maybe that's just supposed to be a cute, tiny version of Billy's body?


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