20 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Jurassic Park Franchise

An article 22 years in the making.

Now that 2015€™s summer box office brawl is getting decidedly tasty, it€™s a certainty that a studio or two will be taking a bath in the coming months. With your typical blockbuster nowadays costing something like $200 million dollars to produce - and the same again for that all-important marketing push - every tentpole movie is something of a gamble. However, it already seems safe to assume Universal Studios won€™t have anything to fear when the number crunchers run the rule over 2015€™s triumphs and travesties. With Furious Seven still the year€™s highest-grossing movie and both Ted 2 and Minions nailed on to return healthy profits, it already looked like a big year was in store for Universal. Now that Jurassic World is on the verge of opening wide, things are about to get a whole lot bigger. The Jurassic Park franchise is remarkable for retaining the interest and fascination of moviegoers despite there actually being only one good entry thus far. Steven Spielberg€™s 1993 action-adventure was a landmark movie of bleeding-edge special effects and old-fashioned Amblin thrills; a modern classic, no less. Its sequels were, by turns, disappointing and more so, but Jurassic World is widely expected to succeed where those movies failed. The park is open, leading-man-du-jour Chris Pratt is on the case and there€™s a new dinosaur in town (probably not a good idea). For many fans, fingers and toes are firmly crossed for a movie worthy of the name, so click away for an in-depth look at Jurassic Parks old and Worlds new.

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