20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Groundhog Day

11. There's A Band Named After One Throw-Away Line

Stephen Tobolowsky
Columbia Pictures

As an indication of the film's cultural saturation, there's an indie band from Washington DC called The Dismemberment Plan who took their name from one of Stephen Tobolowsky's lines during his exchanges with Phil. The actor himself - who wrote the scene - wouldn't accept the credit however, as he based the character on his own insurance agent, called Dennis.

Ramis and Rubin wanted to add another Ned Ryerson scene at the last minute, so Tobolowsky wrote the scene where he rattles off a number of insurance policies including the Dismemberment Plan. After the movie's release, the same agent called to thank him for portraying agents so accurately instead of just making fun of them as most movies do.

It's not surprising Ramis wanted more from Tobolowsky: he admitted that he saw the comic actor as "the spice in the stew. Bill is the stew."


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