20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About James Bond

Think you know who the first cinematic James Bond was? Think again...

For the past 53 years, James Bond has thrilled the world with his globe-trotting, villain-thwarting, Bond girl-bedding adventures on the silver screen. No other film franchise has or ever will last as long (it is too early to predict if the likes of, say, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will eventually match Bond for longevity). Crucially, the Bond franchise knows not to outstay its welcome so, thanks to some clever revivals and reboots over the years, audiences today still get excited for a new Bond film - following on from 2012's Skyfall, the biggest Bond film ever (with over $1 billion taken at the world box office), Spectre, the 24th in the series, is already looked upon as one of the most highly-anticipated film releases of the year. You might say nobody does it better. But these are the facts that you already knew. This list compiles little-known facts from all movies across the entirety of the long-running franchise, with a licence to blow your mind. Which Bond actor had a fear of guns? What are the secrets of the character's creation? And what was the long-forgotten Bond spin-off TV show? Read on for the answers and for many more facts you didn't know about James Bond.

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