20 Most Controversial Movies Of All Time

19. The Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code
Columbia Pictures

After the phenomenal success of Dan Brown€™'s book, making a movie was a no-brainer. And much like the book, The Da Vinci Code was greeted with massive protests and boycotts concerning the films religious subject matter (which asserted that Jesus married and had children).

The film was banned in Pakistan, Samoa, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka, and was criticized and protested by religious organizations (especially Catholic) throughout the world for containing blasphemous material (despite the film being admittedly a work of fiction).

The Da Vinci Code did well at the world wide box office, but got little love from critics and eventually sort of just faded away, along with much of the controversy that surrounded it. Tom Hanks'€™ mullet, however, was much harder to forget.


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