20 Most Exciting Movies Announced In 2017

Quentin Tarantino + Star Trek = WTF!?

Quentin Tarantino Star Trek

The future of cinema is looking bright, exciting and very, very weird if these 20 movies are any indication. With films such as Logan and Wonder Woman pushing the boundaries of what crusty studio executives think a Hollywood blockbuster can be, 2017 has seen a number of ambitious projects greenlit for release over the next few years, from R-rated reboots of cult classics, to desperate last-ditch attempts to enliven flagging franchises.

These 20 movies are the most intriguing and unexpected films to be confirmed over the last year, and whether or not they actually end up delivering on their promise, each seems set to serve up a unique cinematic experience quite like nothing else out there.

Though literally dozens of unimaginative sequels, reboots, remakes and re-imaginings are announced every year, most of which end up going nowhere, these intriguing projects are the most buzzed-about films set to go before cameras in the near-future. It's safe to say that at least a few of them will likely end up among the most critically and financially successful big-budget films of the next five years (touch wood).

2018 will surely see Hollywood giving more R-rated and female-led tentpoles the go-ahead, but for now, these are the movies announced in 2017 that got everyone talking...

20. Flashpoint

The Flash Justice League
Warner Bros.

Release Date: TBA 2020

Though a solo The Flash movie was first announced several years ago, it was only revealed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con that it will be adapting Geoff Johns' ambitious Flashpoint comic, which sees Barry Allen attempting to reconcile an alternate timeline where the Justice League doesn't exist.

It's an extremely bold move to attempt an adaptation of this storyline, and many fans are convinced Flashpoint will be used to soft-reboot certain elements of the DC Extended Universe, namely Ben Affleck's casting as Bruce Wayne. It would certainly be a most convenient way to change the character's appearance among other things.

Though introducing time travel shenanigans into an already-struggling franchise is certainly risky, if it can pull a Days of Future Past-esque course-correction of the DCEU, then it'll absolutely be worth it.


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