20 Most Idiotic Film Twists Of All Time

From Iron Man 3's Mandarin twist to M. Night Shyamalan's most infamous crime against cinema...

Planet Of The Apes 2001 Ending.jpg
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A plot twist can either bolster a film's brilliance or completely derail an otherwise decent effort: it's all about execution, as in the right hands, even the dumbest twist can make sense, while without finesse, otherwise decent twists can succumb to heavy-handed direction and bad acting. A good plot twist will shock but at the same time make sense, a fine tight-rope walk which these 20 movies sadly couldn't reconcile.

These 20 films feature the most stupid plot twists in cinema history, from the outright barmy to the cheap, lazy, smug, nonsensical and overly obvious, though very occasionally, the twist is stupid but the movie knows it, in which case it may just about works in spite of its idiocy.

However, these plot turns, whether at the end or mid-way through the movie, without exception sparked outrage from plenty of viewers, who felt that their intelligence had been insulted by a twist that was simply too absurd or poorly thought-out to pass muster. In almost all cases, the movie's esteem as a whole was dragged down significantly because of how viewers at large responded to the twist itself: the script took a (sometimes) intriguing plot and essentially ruined it by just trying too damn hard.

Here are the 20 most idiotic movie plot twists of all time...


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