20 Most Insanely Depraved Movie Moments From The Video Nasty Era

19. Youngster Face-Smashing - Fight For Your Life (1977)

The Last House On The Left Mari
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People die in movies all the time, but it’s rare for a movie (even a horror movie) to kill a kid, especially in a graphic way. Though, not all movies shy away from killing a child. In fact, some show the death in all its bloody glory. Case in point: Fight For Your Life. A trashy exploitation picture about three convicts who escape from jail and hole up at the house of a black minister.

At one point, the young (no more than 10 years old) friend of one of the family members that is being terrorized witnesses what is happening and attempts to run for help. One of the goons chases him through the woods and quite brutally (and unexpectedly) pins him to the ground and smashes his face in with a rock.

It may sound a bit morbid, but this film does deserve some credit for actually having the balls to kill a kid in such a manner. It's certainly not something you see everyday.  

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