20 Most Ridiculous Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

8 years of weird.

Marvel Studios

There's nothing quite like the Marvel Cinematic Universe out there: over the last 8 years, it's gone from launching the risky Iron Man to becoming the highest-grossing franchise in cinema history, all without a single critically rotten film to speak of.

It's all the more impressive when you consider some of the insane stuff Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige and his army of writers and directors have managed to cram into these movies, from the crazy, to the hilarious, to the admittedly quite awful.

Whether an implausible plot point, a wildly unnecessary subplot or an unsavoury twist, these ridiculous moments have often tested fan loyalty, but as you can see from the series' unfathomable level of continued success, audiences are clearly in for the long haul moving forward.

It wasn't easy to whittle the list down and a few tough calls had to be made, but here are the 20 most ridiculous moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

20. Making Iron Man Mk. 1 In A Cave...With A Box Of Scraps - Iron Man

Marvel Studios

The Moment: Tony Stark is captured by terrorists in Afghanistan, who demand he build some of his Jericho missiles for them. Stark agrees, but with fellow prisoner Yinsen, he in fact begins building the Iron Man Mk. 1 suit, unbeknownst to the terrorists.

Stark then uses the suit to break free of his captivity, killing the terrorists and getting rescued by Rhodey.

Why It's So Ridiculous: Because a) Tony is able to build something so sophisticated from a box of scraps (something Obadiah Stane infamously shouts about later), and b) the terrorists are so dumb that, despite having video surveillance of the cave, they didn't realise what Tony was doing.

Sure, the movie is totally aware of how silly this set-up is, but they could've put in a little more effort to make it seem plausible, like maybe not give the terrorists camera equipment? It's something you just have to put up with to accept the awesomeness that follows.


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