20 Most Ridiculous Overreactions From Famous Film Characters

20. Ze Rapes And Murders After Failing To Pull €“ City Of God

Ze It€™s safe to say that City of God€™s Ze isn€™t the most stable character. After all, one does not clamber to the top of one of the world€™s most violent societies using hugs, good wishes and a winning smile, so you€™d expect him to be a bit trigger-happy at points. However, like all good antagonists, Ze chooses to take the ball and just run with it, leading to acts of such outrageous pantomime villainy that you just have to be astounded. The example I€™m thinking of is when a girl refuses his advances in a club, on the account that she already has a boyfriend. Now, we€™ve all been here €“ you lick your wounds, dust yourself down and move on. It€™s no big deal, things like this happen all the time. Of course, if you€™re a trigger-happy slumlord, things might go a little differently. Ze forces the boyfriend to strip of in the middle of a crowded dancefloor €“ at gunpoint, no less €“ stalks them back to their house, rapes her with the boyfriend watching, murdered the boyfriends brother and snows the property under with a hail of bullets, killing the boyfriend€™s uncle. If this is his reaction to rejection from the opposite sex, I don€™t think you can call him boyfriend material. Hell, it€™s no wonder this leads to a favela civil war €“ even by City of God standards, this reprisal is just wildly OTT, and he bloody well deserves what happens to him.

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