20 Most Surprising Rotten Tomatoes Scores Of 2018

From stunning hits to shocking dumpster fires.

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There's no denying the influence that Rotten Tomatoes has in the film industry, for while certain movies are effectively "critic-proof" by aiming at audiences who don't read reviews (looking at you, Venom), the majority will have their box office either boosted or dented by the press consensus.

2018 was a year of critical surprises at the cinema, and while nobody was exactly gob-smacked when reviewers dog-piled on Fifty Shades Freed (12%) or Robin Hood (16%) while lavishing praise on Incredibles 2 (94%), many of the year's biggest movies didn't quite turn out as expected.

It just goes to show: no matter how much a movie's quality might seem set in stone pre-release, there's always the potential for a film to surprise you in ways good or bad...

20. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (97%)


While there was little doubt that Into the Spider-Verse would score positive reviews from critics, did anyone expect it to receive near-universal acclaim and end up the best-reviewed Spider-Man movie of all time?

If its 97% approval rating isn't enough, the film also rocks a staggering 8.8/10 average score, placing it above the vast majority of the movies likely to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, such as A Star Is Born, Green Book, The Favourite and Vice.

Given the tendency for animated films this energetic and self-aware to prove more divisive with critics, it's a major testament to its ingenuity that Into the Spider-Verse has just 9 rotten reviews to date.


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