20 Most Unfairly Hated Movies Of The 21st Century

19. Sucker Punch (2011)

Warner Bros

Why It's Hated: Hollywood's quintessential critical punching bag Zack Snyder was torn apart for turning in what many dismissed as the overblown, inane fantasy of a 14-year-old boy, further lambasted as sexist and incoherent by its more prominent critics.

Why It's Unfair: Now, Sucker Punch may not be a good film as such, but it's definitely a lot more interesting than its detractors give it credit for, and that alone makes it undeserving of all this hate.

Sucker Punch is quite the slippery project when you actually approach it with a critical mind: some claim it's sexist for featuring young women in skimpy sailor outfits in a glib attempt to appeal to teenage boys.

However, Snyder's film is in fact critiquing the misogyny of that culture, a depressing and bleak quest of a young woman to free herself from the oppressive masculine forces surrounding her.

You can certainly argue that Snyder's metaphor doesn't quite land because the movie still leers at the sexy young women as much as it slates the very idea, but Snyder nevertheless deserves points for mounting such a meta big-budget project.


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