20 Most WTF Movie Moments Of 2019

You get what you deserve.

Joker Joaquin Phoenix
Warner Bros.

2019 has been a great year for movies regardless of your tastes, and more importantly, Hollywood hasn't missed an opportunity to let its freak flag fly.

Whether for better, for worse, or for sheer bemusement's sake, the last 12 months have been packed with monumentally bizarre, hilariously weird, and downright effed-up movie moments that audiences won't ever forget.

Sometimes they were ill-executed yet fascinating scenes that destroyed a movie's tone, and elsewhere they were wilfully grim moments intended to make you feel like human garbage. And sometimes they involved CGI cat-people doing things that children should never, ever have to see.

Indeed, 2019 didn't leave audiences wanting for cinematic insanity both inspired and inexplicable, ensuring that no matter how good or bad these movies were, these are the scenes that people were most often talking about.

Some of these scenes will strengthen the case for Oscars, and others will make actors prime candidates for Razzies, but for audiences, the results were gloriously absurd either way...


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