20 Movie Remakes You Didn’t Know Were In The Works

Let's try that one again...

Ace Ventura
Warner Bros.

Hollywood ate itself a long time ago. Sure, there are original properties still out there and a thriving indie market that saw vindication with the Oscar win for Midnight, but if you look at the top selling films every year... hell, every week, there's a very clear picture.

Audiences like remakes, franchises and sequels. They like the dependability of brands. The comfort of familiarity. Probably because cinema tickets are so expensive: it's not like you want to gamble on not being entertained, now, is it?

So it's inevitable that Hollywood would have turned into a recycling plant. Remakes and reboots are now one of the highest orders of the day for the major film studios, and you can rely on pretty much any successful movie that's more than 25 years old being spirited back into life again.

Unfortunately, there's a far from unblemished track record for such remakes - just as dead things return from the Pet Cemetry reborn broken, redos can be grotesque, wrong-headed monstrosities. And that might go some way to explaining why so many of them are apparently being kept quiet despite marching irresistibly towards the screen.

In short, there are a lot of retreads coming of films you had no idea were being meddled with. And at least one of them is bound to fill you with rage...


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