20 Movie Taglines That Make No Sense At All

Including classic like: "Unwittingly, he trained a dolphin to kill the President of the United States."

The marketing blitz has become an increasingly important part of the Hollywood machine. In order to put butts in seats and generate the maximum amount of revenue, people need to be aware of the project that they're being sold. With advances in technology making promotional content more widespread than ever, there is an argument that the movie poster is becoming less significant. For major releases at least, they all seem to follow the same pattern of 'hero facing the opposite way' or 'floating heads on blue/orange background'. One of the most underrated aspects of movie marketing is the tagline; one sentence on the poster to entice people to go and see the finished product. Think of Alien, Jaws and Superman, hugely successful releases that just happened to have three of the most famous taglines in cinema history that any casual film fan can quote off the top of their heads. However, this article will take a light-hearted look at the opposite end of the spectrum and focus on 20 taglines that make no sense at all. It is a list that contains failed attempts at humor, quotes that directly contradict the movie and more than a few that are nothing more than gibberish. So read on, and prepare to face-palm at some of the most nonsensical movie taglines in history. Do you agree with the choices on the list? Are there any other nonsensical taglines that you would have included? As always, sign off in the comments below...

20. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

The seventh installment in the long-running Halloween features the return of the original's scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis and acts as a direct sequel to 1981's Halloween II, ignoring the events of the thoroughly terrible third, fourth, fifth and sixth entries. As well as having an unnecessarily long-winded title, the tagline is pretty awful to boot. Never mind the strange marketing decision that saw the movie with 'Halloween' in the title being released in August, but the tag itself is pretty lackluster. I was always under the impression that terror was a sensation as opposed to something that would have its annual holiday disrupted by some photogenic cannon fodder that needed inventively murdered. Given that the movie is called 'Halloween', I'm sure terror would have been more than a little annoyed at having to cancel its vacation plans due to some poorly-timed scheduling.

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