20 Past MCU Easter Eggs That Will Mean Something In Phase 3

Easter eggs, references and nods that weren't merely there for the sake of it.

Movies these days are absolutely full to the brim with Easter eggs, references and director nods. Often, they are simply included for the sake of giving people something to search for, but they can also potentially foreshadow future inclusions in subsequent movies. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such inclusions are particularly prevalent and are more likely than most franchise's Easter eggs to foreshadow future instalments for the simple reason that there are so many films. Some Easter eggs have already proven to mean something, such as mid and post-credits scenes like Nick Fury's visit to Tony Stark's mansion in Iron Man, Mjolnir appearing at the end of Iron Man 2 and Loki's interest in the Tesseract in Thor, as well as the likes of Captain America's shield showing up in Iron Man and Iron Man 2, Hawkeye's cameo in Thor and the android in Captain America: The First Avenger leading to the inevitable appearance of Vision in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. However, in Phase 3, past Easter eggs are really set to prove purposeful as there are a number of movies and inclusions that look like they had been foreshadowed in past instalments. It is those that this article is going to be taking a look at. Here are twenty past Marvel Cinematic Universe Easter eggs and references that will mean something in Phase 3. Note that this won't include things like the Avengers Tower Easter eggs or the android that hinted at the Vision, as they are going to come into fruition at the end of Phase 2 in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, not in Phase 3. Also note this article contains Marvel Cinematic Universe spoilers...

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