20 Problems Only Cinema Workers Will Understand

Have you ever picked up three hundred pieces of popcorn from a floor made of glue?

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Cinema can be one of the most dynamic and exciting industries to work in, but the glitz and glamour of Hollywood doesn't always spill out into the lobby and let's face it, the curtains have been brought down on the golden age for some time. Gone are the days of 35mm film as old technology makes way for new, thus making the spectacular image of a film burning on screen damn-near extinct.

Nowadays, we face new battles. With piracy and On-Demand to contend with, the customer can be real high maintenance - almost as though they don€™t know that we€™re manning our stations until 3am.

We may be smiling, but we€™re serious when we say that the prices are out of our control. They must, of course, think that we own this particular (insert big chain here) multiplex. We don€™t - but boy, do we wish we did. From the projection booth, to the manager€™s office, to the concessions stand - calmness can explode into sheer panic in the blink of an eye and a two minute power cut can feel like a Christopher Nolan running time.

So let€™s skip the ads and trailers and head straight into the main feature, showcasing the quirks that prove that life under the silver screen isn't always Cinema Paradiso.

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