20 Scariest Horror Movie Moments Of The 21st Century

The scares you'll be telling your grandkids about...


Horror, as a genre, has undertaken quite a journey in rising from the era of video nasties. 

The turn of the century ushered in a wave of new trends and fads, some more welcome than others, which at times threatened to hold an iron grip on the cinematic horror scene, ranging from found footage and remakes of Asian horrors to endlessly violent and exploitative torture porn.

The scariest movies have never forgotten that real fear is created through atmosphere rather than the cheapness of bloody gore, and for the most part, that’s something that doesn’t need to rely so heavily on overly fancy effects and advanced computer-generated frights.

The true devil is in the details, in the effort that directors take to ramp up suspense and attack the viewer psychologically. These are the scares, by and large, that stand the test of time and unnerve us just as much on the fifth viewing as the first. This is as true today as it was at the dawn of film.

With every passing year adding more cinematic material to history, it’s become more essential than ever for horror films to truly distinguish themselves with creative scares that really stand out in the proverbial crowd. Some have passed this challenge with flying colours, creating works of horror for future generations to emulate, and hopefully, try to better.


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