20 Terrible Oscar Nominations From The Past Ten Years - Corrected

Bohemian Rhapsody was an injustice...

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It's very nearly time for the Oscars once again and, like always, there's been plenty of controversy and debate about how deserving the nominees are. It's arguable that the Oscars mostly got it right this year, but there are still a fair few odd nominations... but actually, that's fine.

It's time to stop taking the Oscars quite so seriously and see them for what they really are: entertainment. They only cover a small round-up of the films released in any year and the voting systems seem to be pretty flawed, so the Oscars are not gospel and they're always bound to make plenty of mistakes.

These mistakes are a huge part of what makes the Oscars so entertaining and so interesting to cover, so to get into the Oscar spirit, here is a round-up of some particularly egregious nomination mistakes from the 2012-2020 ceremonies, which have been corrected to represent the actual best material of that year...


20. Ford V. Ferrari's Nomination For Best Picture


The 2020 Best Picture field is pretty good overall, but there are three major mistakes: Jojo Rabbit, Joker and this.

Ford V. Ferrari's (released as Le Mans 66 in the UK) is a completely inexplicable choice. It's a decent but ultimately unmemorable sports drama with a workmanlike script that never takes any risks, so it's not even one of the top 30 best films of the year, let alone the top nine.

The other three nominations - Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing - were deserved, but the Oscar nods should've stopped there.


There are many great 2019 movies that could've taken its place, but perhaps the most painful snub of the 2020 Oscars is James Gray's magnificent science-fiction drama Ad Astra, which blended popcorn thrills and heart-rending drama to dazzling effect.

It's one of the best combos of Art-House and Blockbuster film-making that you'll ever see and the fact that it was only nominated for a single sound award when such a forgettable movie as this was nominated for Best Picture is a real shame.


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