20 Things You Just Did Wrong When You Wrote Your First Screenplay

20. Those Beautiful, Flowery Descriptions Aren't Going To Impress Anyone

Screenwriting 1 Woah: You're not writing a novel. Nobody wants to read an entire page of description about how beautiful a bedroom is, no matter how robust the four-poster bed is and how velvety the drapes happen to be. You're writing a blueprint for a movie: clean, crisp prose, okay?

19. You're Not The Director... Take Out Those Camera Directions!

Screenwriting 2 "We see this" and "We see that" - that's all it is with you! Who do you think you are? Your job isn't to tell the director where to put the camera, remember, but to create the imagery to allow them to come up with those kinds of ideas on their own. There's a reason directors don't call screenwriters onto the set to ask them how they envisioned each scene in their heads, you know.
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