20 Things You Didn't Know About American Psycho

Still awesome after over 20 years!

Can you believe that American Psycho turns 20 years TODAY? Oh, how time flies.

The highly controversial adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' even more contentious 1991 novel is one of the most strikingly evocative and unforgettable cinematic satires of the 21st century, brought to pulsing life by a marvellously star-making Christian Bale performance.

Indeed, without Bale's sublime work on the film, his career path likely would've been markedly different - for starters, Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight saga would almost definitely have starred another actor entirely.

Bale fought tooth and nail to secure the role and, combined with Mary Harron's knowing direction, delivered a searing adaptation of Ellis' source material, and one that's aged spectacularly well two decades (!) later.

But the difficult circumstances surrounding the film's production and release certainly make for some fascinating stories, and so with American Psycho's 20th birthday today, we take a deep dive into the movie's creation - and that totally pointless sequel nobody ever asked for...


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