20 Things You Didn't Know About Batman & Robin

Little-known facts about one of the worst comic book movies ever made.

Batman & robin
Warner Bros

Following the recent news that Matt Reeves' The Batman has been pushed back four months to October 2021, fans may be tempted to dip into the Caped Crusader's big screen back catalogue, and might even find themselves brave enough to tackle Batman & Robin.

Batman has faced his fair share of ups and downs during his cinematic adventures, but everyone can agree that Joel Schumacher's second stab at the Dark Knight marked the undoubted low point. There's neon, nipples, gratuitous butt shots aplenty and no shortage of terrible one-liners, and Batman & Robin thoroughly earned a reputation as one of the worst comic book movies ever made.

Sometimes critical and commercial failures find themselves being reappraised as time passes, but that won't be the case for Batman & Robin, which lives on as a perfect example of why you shouldn't make comic book movies exclusively as a reason to sell toys.


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