20 Things You Didn't Know About Die Hard

Bruce Willis doesn't think it's a Christmas movie. And he's wrong.

die hard
20th Century Fox

Christmas is fast approaching, and what better time of year to hunker down with one of the greatest Yuletide movies of all time - Die Hard?

Released in the summer of 1988, the all-timer action flick made an overnight action star out of its unconventional lead Bruce Willis, secured Alan Rickman's place in Hollywood overnight, and kickstarted a (currently) five-film franchise.

The original Die Hard set the bar for what broad action films could do: they could be action-packed while sacrificing none of their intelligence or humanity in the process.

And that is why the film truly has endured for so long, and why fans continue to be fascinated by it today.

While Die Hard's shoot was fairly modest compared to the bigger-budgeted action blockbusters of the time, the production nevertheless produced its fair share of insane anecdotes, near-disasters, and shocking pieces of trivia.

No matter how many times you've seen Die Hard, these 20 morsels just might surprise you, lending vital extra context to one of the greatest action pictures ever produced by Hollywood...


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