20 Things You Didn't Know About Layer Cake

7. The Same Severed Head Prop Is Used From Elizabeth (1998)

Layer Cake Daniel Craig
Sony Pictures Classics & Gramercy Pictures

Near the end of the movie, XXXX ends up delivering the Duke's severed head to Dragan as a peace offering, and we get a quick glimpse of the Duke's detached head packed into an ice box.

Curiously, this fake head wasn't actually made solely for Layer Cake, but repurposed from the prop department for the 1998 Oscar-winning period piece Elizabeth.

It gets better, though. Jamie Foreman, who played the Duke in this movie, also appeared in Elizabeth as the Earl of Sussex, who ends up with his noggin stuck on a pike.

In a brilliant act of gnarly serendipity, the prop was still around and was able to be recycled for use here.


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