20 Things You Didn't Know About Star Trek: Nemesis

12. An Estimated 50 Minutes Of Material Was Cut

Star Trek Nemesis

On Nemesis' DVD, Rick Berman claims that roughly 50 minutes of material was cut from the theatrical release, in order to achieve a more commercial 117-minute runtime.

Though 17 minutes of cut material appears on the DVD, that leaves over half an hour of footage unaccounted for.

Most of the cut material was apparently character-centric scenes that fleshed out the relationships of the Enterprise's crew, which were cut to keep the emphasis on the battle between the Enterprise and the Scimitar.

This includes a far longer wedding sequence in which Picard and Data have a lengthy heart-to-heart, a more involved subplot about Shinzon's obsession with Troi, more scenes with Data and B-4, bigger parts for Worf and Dr. Crusher, and a more prolonged epilogue.

It's infuriating that so much of this material remains locked away, because much of it sounds like it would've added considerable weight and nuance to a fundamentally threadbare movie.


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