20 Things You Didn't Know About Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones

4. The Naboo Meadow Scene Is A Parody Of The Sound Of Music

Christian Bale Anakin Skywalker
Lucasfilm & Fox

One of the most ridicule-worthy sequences in the movie is surely Anakin and Padme's goofy frolic/picnic/roll around in the grass on the lush Naboo meadow.

And while the scene illustrated above all else that romance really isn't Lucas' forte, the filmmaker did include some actually intentional tongue-in-cheek elements.

Namely, the beautiful wide shot of Padme spinning around in the meadow was a direct nod to an extremely similar shot from The Sound of Music, where the title song is performed and the audience is introduced to Maria von Trapp (Julie Andrews).

It's still a rancid sequence, but a cool nod nonetheless.


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