20 Things You Didn't Know About Your Favourite Horror Movies

The more you know...

Robert De Niro The Shining
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Most genre fans already know plenty about their most loved horror movies. Who isn't aware that the mask Michael Myers wore in Halloween was really just a mutilated Captain Kirk mask painted white, or that The Exorcist’s Linda Blair spewed pea soup as vomit? But do you know the real behind-the-scenes story of how Jason Voorhees first came to don his iconic hockey mask? Or which two A-list actresses had to get drunk before they could film their big love scene? Pull up a chair, friends.

From Friday The 13th to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, this list will we be shedding a light on a few things you didn’t know about your favorite horror movies. Sometimes you can watch a movie a dozen times and not realize something specific or special about it – not because you weren’t paying attention, but because there was no reason for the thought to cross your mind. In other cases, you might sit down to watch a movie without knowing something about its origins – something that brings a new meaning or resonance to the material.

And it’s those sorts of things that have been gathered up for inclusion on this list: twenty facts that most people never knew (or noticed) about some of cinema’s most beloved horror flicks.

Needless to say, a spoiler alert is in full effect.

20. There Was Almost A "Supernatural" Last House On The Left Sequel

Robert De Niro The Shining

Upon its release, Wes Craven’s debut film became notorious for its unrestrained violence and sexual humiliation that run rampant throughout. It's also notable for being one of horror's great one-offs. Though, this almost wasn't the case.

At one point in time, the American video version of the film contained additional text, reading: "Coming soon to a theatre near you. From the producers of Last House On The Left, and the director of Friday the 13th Part V, ... The Last House On The Left, Part II. You won't believe your eyes!"

This sequel would have been a weird one. It was going to happen in the mid-80’s with Friday The 13th: A New Beginning director Danny Steinnman at the helm. The story would have resurrected the villainous Krug - who would once again be played by David Hess - as a Jason Voorhees-like supernatural killer. In fact, the movie would also have been set at a summer camp, and Krug would be picking off the counselors one by one. 

From the sound of it, it would have been a mess, but if anyone could pull it off, it would be the sleazy, violent style of Danny Steinnman. 


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