20 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Logan

Peeling back the layers behind Wolverine's brutal and emotional swansong.

Logan Jerry Seinfeld
NCB/20th Century Fox

Fox's X-Men franchise had its fair share of highs and lows over its 20-year run, but there is no denying that it achieved stratospheric heights with the release of 2017’s Logan. Hugh Jackman’s swansong was far removed from the blockbuster excess of films such as X-Men: Apocalypse and while it was R-rated, just like Deadpool, it did not depict violence and gore in a gleefully cartoonish manner like the Merc with a Mouth's silver screen debut did.

Instead, Logan was a stripped back and sombre affair that showcased its titular character and Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier in their twilight years coming to terms with their storied and complicated lives. This approach allowed for the franchise’s best character work as the screenplay explored themes of legacy, regret and rejuvenation through the introduction of Dafne Keen’s brilliant Laura/X-23.

As mentioned earlier, the picture’s depiction of violence is not over-stylized ,and its grave nature both heightens and highlights the consequences of the various acts of brutality on screen. This harsh tonal shift from previous franchise entries was a welcome one and signalled a slow but gradual phase of experimentation for the genre.

Seeing as this picture serves as a coda for nearly all featured characters and storylines in the greater X-Men franchise, it is not surprising that it features a collection of trivia that enhances its overall quality among audiences during repeat viewings.

20. Working Up A Thirst

Logan Jerry Seinfeld
20th Century Studios

It goes without saying that Hugh Jackman’s workout routines got more and more intense as the X-Men saga pushed on. He arguably reached his peak in the Wolverine and Days of Future Past, but that does not mean his physique in Logan was anything to scoff at.

However, the means with which he achieved his imposing build were a tad extreme. Before shooting shirtless scenes as the character, Jackman went a full 36-48 hours without drinking water in order to lose water weight and achieve Logan’s strapping but unsettling appearance.

Take into account that this dehydration technique was done alongside the usual strict diet, intensive workouts and long filming days. While the effect was successful, the actor understandably discouraged rookie fitness enthusiasts from trying out the temporarily effective but ultimately harmful workout hack.


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