20 Things You Somehow Missed In Back To The Future Part 2

18. The Totally Insane Newspaper Stories

Back to the Future Part 2

After Marty prevents his son from Marty Jr. from taking part in a robbery in 2015 and being arrested, we catch a glimpse at the now-altered timeline, with Biff's grandson Griff instead being arrested along with his cronies.

The USA Today newspaper reporting on the incident changes to reflect this new series of events, even if the rest of the paper's wacky stories are largely the same.

These fascinating blink-and-you'll-miss-it headlines include: a gang of "thumb bandits" who are amputating hospital patients' thumbs, a man being killed by litter thrown from a hovering car, a Swiss terrorist sect threatening the U.S., Princess Diana becoming Queen Diana, the U.S. having a female President, a baseball pitcher being suspended for using a bionic arm, and Jaws 19 getting critically panned.

For something that's only on screen for a few scant seconds, the attention-to-detail here is amazing.


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