20 Things You Somehow Missed In Jurassic Park

Foreshadowing, a cameo and the Godfather inspired death...

Jurassic Park Godfather

Ironically enough, given that it's all about the preservation of ancient wonders, there have been few films that have aged quite as well as Jurassic Park. Despite its heavy use of special effects that are now 27 years out of date, the movie still holds up against a lot of today's blockbuster fare and, somehow, manages to look a lot better than its own modern sequels.

Few films before or since have gripped audiences of all ages quite like this. The '90s convention of a huge summer blockbuster wasn't invented with this film, but it's arguably where the concept hit a critical and cultural peak. Jurassic Park was, in 1993, was bigger than even the stunningly-realised creatures its marketing was based around.

While its legacy can (and will) be talked about for another 27 years, there's still plenty to be gleaned from a high-definition re-watch. Spielberg's attention to detail was peerless at the time, and the number of incredible odes, references, tributes, and hidden gems he managed to include here is simply extraordinary.

So from his own directorial trademarks to genius motifs of the plot itself, let's take a look an article that's 27 m̶i̶l̶l̶i̶o̶n̶ years in the making.

20. Spielberg's Hidden Cameo

Jurassic Park Godfather

Unlike some of his contemporaries who love to write themselves a prominent role in a movie (I'm looking at you, Quentin), Steven Spielberg is very rarely seen in front of the cameras. Austin Powers probably being his most notable on-screen appearance.

He does play a very small part in Jurassic Park though, seen here supervising the unloading of the Velociraptor from early in the movie. He's the one with the beard...

In front of the gate...?

With the white shirt...?

You might have to squint a bit.

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