20 Things You Somehow Missed In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Secret homages, cameos, and a rather familiar Cadillac all appear in Tarantino's ninth movie...

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Margaret Qualley

It's been almost five long years since Quentin Tarantino last treated audiences to a new big-screen experience.

And oh, what a ride it was.

Described as the masterful director's most personal movie to date - and his personal favourite (as per Variety/Sirius XM) - Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood is both a love letter to Los Angeles in the 1960s and an often barmy and shocking piece of revisionist history.

Flamethrower-boasting fading stars, acid-dipped-cigarette smoking stuntmen throwing down with Bruce Lee, and the rewriting of one of the most tragic moments in Hollywood history, this hilarious and at times quite moving blast from the rewritten past is a 161-minute gift of a film that just keeps on giving.

Even if you have found yourself cruising along with Brad Pitt's Cliff Booth or catching up with Leonardo DiCaprio's Rick Dalton over a few margaritas time and time again over the years, though, there's still a decent chance you won't have caught absolutely every detail Tarantino managed to sprinkle in.

From mind-blowing costuming details to familiar Tarantino props and homages aplenty, here are the biggest things you may have missed in Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood.

20. Margot Robbie Wears Some Of Sharon Tate's Jewellery

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Margaret Qualley

Though she ultimately may not have spoken words in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood quite as often as many may have hoped, the moments Margot Robbie does get to wander around the screen as the late Sharon Tate are still gripping.

The Australian actor radiates star power as the young Hollywood sensation, and fully captures the captivating presence of Tate throughout. 

What you may not have realised, however, is that one of the major ways Robbie was able to connect so strongly to Tate as a character was by wearing some of her own personal jewellery in the movie.

Said bling was loaned to her by Tate's sister Debra. And not only was Robbie actually wearing some of Tate's very own jewellery in the film, she actually borrowed some of the late starlet's partially used perfume (via Vanity Fair) when getting into character, too.


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