20 Things You Somehow Missed In Pulp Fiction

No, Mia and Vincent didn't win the twist competition.

Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs Mr White Larry Dimmick Jimmy Dimmick

There may not be a more beloved, hated, iconic, controversial or down-right famous director as Quentin Tarantino. The man has rightly cemented his legacy as one of the greatest to ever sit in the director’s chair since his debut movie in 1992, and even now he is as relevant and as present as ever.

In the conversation of Tarantino’s best ever movies, everyone will have their own opinion, but chances are Pulp Fiction is ranked near the top of anyone’s list. Just his second feature film, two years removed from the brilliant Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino proved that lightning could strike twice.

With a cast that would make any director jealous, a story that is as batsh*t crazy as you would expect from the man, and more than enough twists and turns along the way, there is a reason Pulp Fiction is a classic, and widely revered as one of the most influential movies of all time. However, no matter how many times you may have watched it, there are bound to be small or even big details you have missed.

Such is the film-making expertise of Quentin Tarantino, nothing is done by accident, and whether it’s a missed cameo or a connection to another of his movies, there is plenty within the movie that you may not have ever even noticed.

20. Well Placed Board Games

Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs Mr White Larry Dimmick Jimmy Dimmick

Foreshadowing is one of the most simple, but often smartest aspects of movies. If done right, you couldn’t possibly notice anything until a second or even third watch, when something finally clicks and connects to a scene you know is coming later.

One of the finest pieces of foreshadowing in Pulp Fiction was that in the foreground, not even the background, of when Lance and Vincent are prepping Mia for her life-saving adrenaline shot, there are two board games that can be seen. These are Operation and Life.

Could there have possibly been any better props in the room where such an injection was about to happen? The make-shift surgeons that were Lance and Vincent held Mia’s life in their hands, and also their own, as they were certain to be killed by Marsellus should they be seen to be in any way responsible for her death. Just look at what he did to Tony Rocky Horror just for touching her feet.


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