20 Things You Somehow Missed In Raiders Of The Lost Ark

13. Raiders Of The Lost Jeans Store

Raiders of the Lost Ark Harrison Ford
Paramount Pictures

You may be surprised to learn that this next one is not really a movie mistake, but rather a curious anomaly in a film where everything else seems to be aimed towards achieving a particular look and texture.

Following Marion's apparent death in a truck explosion in the middle of Cairo, Indy retreats to a local tavern to drown his sorrows. The action onscreen diverts your attention to Indy in the company of the very talented (and very evil) monkey that Marion cherished. However, if you watch the screen carefully, you can see a man wearing jeans passing behind Harrison Ford's right arm.

This could be a crewmember or an oblivious member of the public unwittingly wandering through the set. However, even though his look could be associated with a distinctive 1980s look, in other ways his appearance is quite ageless and still authentic for the time. Denim jeans have been in production since 1871 and T-shirts have been produced since 1898, so they were well-established brands and also quite popular (particularly amongst sailors) by 1936, the year in which Raiders of the Lost Ark is set.

Perhaps the main distraction caused by this man's onscreen presence is that everyone else is dressed in a very distinctive fashion, either as a swashbuckling adventurer or in traditional Arabian garb. Still, there is nothing actually wrong with what he is wearing.


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