20 Things You Somehow Missed In Super Mario Bros: The Movie

19. The Hammer Bros. Tattoo Shop

Super Mario Bros
Buena Vista Pictures & Nintendo

For all the flak the movie rightly gets, the film's production design is genuinely fantastic, especially in Dinohattan, with the city containing a frankly ridiculous number of Easter eggs and nods to the video game series.

One of the best is quite literally neon signposted, and yet you still might've missed it amid the bustle of Dinohattan.

Keep an eye on the town square area near the Boom Boom Bar nightclub which Luigi and Mario visit, and you might notice a sign for a tattoo shop called "Hammer Bros."

This is clearly a reference to the Hammer Bro enemies from the video games, who made their debut in 1985's Super Mario Bros. and have been a regular fixture ever since.


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