20 Things You Somehow Missed In The Dark Knight Rises

18. And Yet Another Villain Disguises Themselves As One Of Their Henchmen Early On

The Dark Knight Rises
Warner Bros.

Rounding off the motifs that seemed to rear their heads in each and every one of Nolan's increasingly epic super-stories, The Dark Knight Rises kicks things off in a rather familiar manner.

Before ultimately being revealed to have been present on the plane containing nuclear physicist Dr. Leonid Pavel all along, the monstrous Bane blends in with the rest of his League of Shadows henchmen in the lead-up to his thrilling hijacking of said CIA aircraft.

This isn't anything new for the Nolan Bat-verse, though, with The Joker pulling off a similar feat in the opening scene of The Dark Knight, hiding behind a clown mask and disguising himself during the opening bank robbery. And Batman Begins also gets things underway with Ra's al Ghul pretending to be merely a member of the League of Shadows by the name of Henri Ducard as Bruce is recruited to their ranks.

Each villain eventually let their true form be known in the end, of course, but Nolan sure loved the concept of a big reveal, didn't he?


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