20 Things You Somehow Missed In The Mummy (1999)

19. That Fear In Arnold Vosloo's Eyes Is Real

The Mummy Facts
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It's hard not to discuss The Mummy without mentioning the big bad himself, Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo.) After betraying the pharaoh, the sinister high priest was buried alive while being eaten by flesh-eating scarabs. Unfortunately, the ritual allowed Imhotep to be reborn as a god if he was resurrected (which he totally was). 

Although Vosloo never utters a word in English, his performance as Imhotep is incredible. Thanks to his effortless charisma, the underrated actor (who also delighted as a villain in John Woo's Hard Target opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme) is among the film's biggest highlights.

However, Vosloo required zero acting while performing the burial scene. After all, being wrapped in tight bandages from head to toe for four hours would be a nightmare for anyone. While being interviewed by Moviestar, Vosloo said the experience, "may be the worst thing I do in the movie. It was just awful; they wrapped me tight in bandages and put me in a coffin. The shot took 20 seconds to do but it was a weird feeling."

As such, the horror in Vosloo's eyes while the bandages are wrapped around his face is 100% genuine.


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