20 Things You Somehow Missed In Titanic

James Cameron's timeless epic continues to impress.

Titanic cover

Titanic is unquestionably one of the most popular and beloved movies of all time - an almost impossibly epic triumph for writer-director James Cameron, who battled a spiralling budget, brutal shooting schedule, and negative pre-release press to deliver a Best Picture-winning box office goliath.

And better still, Titanic holds up shockingly well today for the most part - it remains every bit the technical stunner it was back in 1997, expertly melded with sweeping, old-school melodrama and spot-on performances as it is.

While most of us have likely sat through the 195-minute tentpole classic at least a few times over the years, the sheer gigantic heft of the picture nevertheless makes it tough to pick up on every minute detail that the typically meticulous Cameron has crammed into his film.

Between its gorgeous spectacle and devastating emotion, it's easy to let the finer details pass you by, and so, we've taken a deep dive into the neatest and most intriguing moments you somehow missed.

All in all, watching Titanic will never be quite the same again...

20. Gloria Stuart Wore Makeup To Look Older

Titanic cover

Hollywood legend Gloria Stuart gave a terrific, Oscar-nominated performance in the film as the present-day, 100-year-old version of Rose, and while most audiences would assume that Stuart simply walked on-set and performed her role, she actually had to undergo a considerable makeup job first.

At the time of shooting, Stuart was in fact 87 years of age, and so makeup was applied to her face to make her look over a decade older, while her hair was also coloured white.

It's an extremely impressive and seamless effect, yet perhaps too subtle for its own good where awards are concerned, as Best Makeup and Hairstyling is just one of Titanic's three Oscar nominations that it didn't also win.

Somewhat poignantly, Stuart passed away in 2010 at the age of 100 - the very same age she played Rose as.


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