20 Times Directors You Trust Totally Let You Down

20. Matthew Vaughn - Kingsman: The Golden Circle


The Director:

Matthew Vaughn is a tremendous English director, and an absolute master of bringing quirky and unique stories to life. He hadn't made anything that would generally be considered a dud prior to this.

The Film:

The thing everyone was wondering leading up to Kingsman: The Golden Circle was this: would it be another Kick-Ass 2? Generally, people thought not, since Matthew Vaughn was returning to direct and co-write, while with Kick-Ass 2 he handed it over to some random guy who wasn't nearly as skilled as he is.

Unfortunately, it was another Kick-Ass 2. Just like KA 2, it's still fun, but lacks the spirit and uniqueness of the first film. For a large number of people, this will go down as the most disappointing film of 2017.

Matthew Vaughn's direction is fine, but he shouldn't have messed up the script in this way. He's definitely better than this over-stuffed, chaotic and often soulless action caper.

Has He Bounced Back?

He's planning to make Kingsman 3 and an adaptation of the crime thriller I am Pilgrim, which both sound like they have potential. If he learns from his mistakes, he can definitely bounce back.


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