20 Most Underrated Movies In The IMDb Top 250

More love needed.

Last week, we highlighted our personal picks for the 20 Most Overrated Movies In The IMDb Top 250 - movies that we thought had been ranked a little too highly for our liking and probably didn't deserve to be quite so prominently featured on the website's list of the best - or most popular - motion pictures ever made. This week, then, we turn our attention to the opposite end of the spectrum: the most underrated movies. Okay, so we get that the premise of this article - that movies featured in a "Top 250" list could be considered underrated is somewhat questionable - but hear us out before you head down to the comments section to complain. Though the movies featured on the list have obviously been met with praise from those who have seen them, we still think that - despite their IMDb scores - they remain somewhat obscure and under-seen. These are the flicks inherent to the list that you're more likely to skip over... either because you're unfamiliar with their titles, because they're relatively new additions, or because - sad as it is - they're foreign language pictures. Join us, then, as we take a look at the 20 Most Underrated Movies In The IMDb Top 250 - movies acclaimed by the users of the IMDb that are yet to reach the heights of popularity they deserve elsewhere...

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