20 Upcoming Movies That Are Going To Rock

Excitement levels in overload.

Earlier in the week, we ran a fairly negatively-inclined article that took aim at all those upcoming movies that look like they're going to€ well, suck. In deeming those movies as "potentially awful," then, we considered a bunch of aspects: the previous works of the writers and directors, the trailers and material we've glimpsed so far, the stars, the budgets, the supposed "storylines." Chances are we'll end up being right about most of them, but who knows? We wouldn't exactly mind being wrong, either. So, for the sake of variety, let's take an extensive look on the other side of the fence. Here are 20 movies that - going on what we know so far - are probably going to be downright awesome when they're released into theatres in the not too distant future. These are the motion pictures we're all super excited about; the cinematic ventures that give us hope. Reading through this article, then, our aim is that a little of your faith regarding the state of modern movies is restored somewhat. Fingers crossed...

20. Magic In The Moonlight

Why It's Going To Rock: Emma Stone/Colin Firth/Woody Allen All right, so Woody Allen movies tend to be a little hit and miss nowadays, but we're going to give this one the benefit of the doubt, because a) it stars Emma Stone and Colin Firth, and b) it stars Emma Stone and Colin Firth. Woody seems to be going for a "fluffier" type of film with this one, so you can probably expect something along the lines of Midnight In Paris. Will it be good enough to earn him another Best Screenplay nod? Time will tell. The plot supposedly concerns that of a magician and Englishman (Firth, of course) who is brought to France in the 1920s to assist in a supposed conspiracy regarding a "spiritualist," played by Emma Stone. This sounds a lot like the sort of standard Allen fare that we've all become accustomed to, but given the talents involved, the luxurious setting, and the fact that Allen's last film with Blue Jasmine, chances are this will be close to brilliant.

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