20 Useless Things You Probably Never Knew About Star Wars

Even a galaxy far, far away has its share of useless information...


Star Wars isn't just a film franchise. For 40 years, the canon built on the back of George Lucas' original space opera idea has cast out sprawling, complex arms into many mediums, dragging an army of enthralled fans in along with the buckets of cash.

And crucially, it's never been a case of the rights-holders cashing in cynically on the brand's pulling power for money alone. Over the last four decades, creators and artists have created an entire universe behind the flag-ship releases, establishing remarkable depth to even the most incidental of details and characters mentioned in the films. Literally everything has a name, a location, a backstory, and a galaxy full of facts no one could ever hope to know or remember.

Attempting to remember them all is a fool's gambit, and a quick recipe to forgetting far more crucial facts, like how to establish real relationships or wash. Luckily, consulting the web can save you the trouble of becoming a walking encyclopedia, furnishing even the most knowledgable of fans with intriguing - but ultimately mostly useless things they didn't already know about a galaxy far, far away.

Avid Reddit users will know a thread popped up recently on a similar tangent to this article but, rest assured, there's a lot of stuff you probably didn't know in here too.

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