20 Useless Things You Probably Never Knew About Star Wars

19. Samuel L. Jackson's Personalised Lightsaber


By the time The Phantom Menace was casting, Star Wars was a very, very big deal and actors from all walks of life were eager to audition for parts in one of cinema history's greatest franchises - including Hollywood royalty: Samuel L. Jackson.

Easily one of the coolest men in cinema history, Jackson was a shoe-in for the role of Mace Windu and the part may as well have been written for him. Windu is commanding, cool, charismatic and many other words beginning with C but that wasn't enough for Samuel L. He wanted a distinct lightsaber to easily identify himself during the arena battle in Attack of the Clones.

George Lucas was quick to quash Jackson's attempts to have a unique lightsaber but caved under constant pressure from the legendary actor in no time at all - not only would Windu's lightsaber be the only purple bladed weapon in the galaxy, it would also feature the words Bad Mother... you know what in Aurebesh on the hilt rather than the previously rumoured BMF embossing on the pommel.

Windu's lightsaber is certainly unique but even Samuel L. Jackson couldn't have such a blatant link to his past, and fondness for profanity, in a film aimed at all ages.

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