20 Well-Known Movie "Facts" That Are Actually Bulls**t

It's time to stop spreading the lies.

Everybody loves a bit of movie trivia, because movie trivia can be deployed at pretty much any point in an attempt to fuel a lagging conversation - making ideal chit-chat at a party you don't really want to be at; trying to find something to talk about with those distant cousins; a fact to spice up proceedings at the pub with any awkward work associates... there's always been a need for seemingly arbitrary film trivia. But like everything else on planet Earth, movie trivia tends to get a little muddled from time to time; that's to say, "facts" sometimes burst into existence as a result of rumour, speculation or conjecture. If enough people state a piece of information as hard fact, others will accept it as such. All it takes is for one false fact to be relayed as the truth and - wham! - you've got yourself a fake fact doing the rounds. Basically, when it comes to movie trivia, be careful what you accept as the truth. There's a huge chance, after all, that that definitive and very famous piece of movie trivia you keep flashing about in order to impress the less knowledgable is actually bulls*it. Seriously: here are 20 well-known movie "facts" that, despite their fame, aren't actually true in any way, shape or form...
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