20 Worst Movies Of 2013

We take a look at the 20 worst movies from what is arguably the worst year in cinema history. Gulp.

Oh, God. What a year. Sure, there were some genuinely great movies to be had - many of which will go on to become all-time classics, we're sure - but when you consider the cinematic year as a whole... as one, huge, self-contained entity... man, it seriously, seriously sucked. Yes, 2013 might well go down in the history books as the worst year in movie history. That wasn't at all helped by the sad number of colossal disappointments we were treated to over the span of 2013, of course, but c'mon - what was with all the truly horrible movies? What did we do to deserve them? What was unique about this year, however, was the sheer volume of bad movies. There weren't 30 or 40 bad movies - there were freakin' hundreds of them. In fact, putting together a list like this (an act which is usually oddly cathartic in many ways) proved itself to be something of a headache: with so many flicks deserving of a place, actually choosing just 20 felt like an exercise in futility. So we've done our best to collate the worst movies of the year into one, handy rundown of those flicks which we felt deserved a place on the list more than any other. It ain't pretty. As stated, though, the amount of abominations this year was truly record-breaking, almost as if Hollywood had resigned itself to producing the most meaningless, bottom-of-the-barrel movie ventures as some kind of twisted joke. Please note that we haven't included any movies from our "10 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2013" list, purely because those movies weren't entirely bad (hence "disappointing"). No, each one of the movies featured here were abysmal in almost every way, and have absolutely no redeeming qualities to speak of. Merry Christmas, we guess? Note: When you can't fit The Internship on your list, you know it's been a terrible year for film.

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