20 Worst Movies Of 2017

2017? Not a great vintage.

Worst Films Of 2017

There have been some truly great films released in 2017, from the surprisingly genius Get Out to the dependably great fare from Marvel and Pixar. Even the DCEU had one legitimately brilliant release. But that does not excuse the year for some of the atrocious films that have stunk up cineplexes the world over (or which plonked themselves unceremoniously into the direct-to home-release market in the worst cases).

Look, it's inevitable that every year's films will be stretched across a spectrum of quality, but when you look back over the year and realise how much money has been wasted making things that are genuinely unwatchable, it's enough to make you wish for the days when Hollywood knew something about restraint. And quality control. And not trusting Nic Cage and Adam Sandler so much.

But it's not just a case of a few well-known repeat offenders either: with Justice League becoming one of the most disappointing movies of the year, it's clear that big budget blockbusters stuffed with great characters and talented actors can also be just as likely to be poor. And that's definitely the picture of what's happened this year...


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