20 Worst Movies Of 2018 (So Far)

2. The Week Of

The Week Of Chris Rock Adam Sandler Cameos

Living down to every expectation the world has of Adam Sandler's Netflix movies, The Week Of sees the actor operating at his laziest and possibly his most depressed.

Despite the allure of pairing him with Chris Rock, this two-hour (!) rom-com has low energy, virtually no laughs, an abundance of product placement, and makes a woefully misguided attempt to actually be an emotional treatise on marriage and family. Ewww.

Worse still, though this is the end of Sandler's first four-picture deal with Netflix, the ink already dried on a second contract long ago, so the agony will continue for the foreseeable future.

Worst Moment: Kirby (Rock) fondles an old amputee's leg stumps in his sleep, believing them to be a large pair of breasts. Good god.


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